Quinoa - queen of seeds


Searching and comsumption of quinoa, surprisingly increase through last years, because she's full of proteins and she is great alrernative of wheat.


Quinoa has begun to grow thousands of years ago mostly in South America - Peru, Chilli and Bolivia. She has been main part of the food of the incs and theirdescendants. Through last years England and United States has declared her as a good substitute for bulgur, couscous and rice.

She is two kinds - red and white. Her seeds are perfectly round. They become a bit bitter when they are cooked (boiled). Quinoa has a lot of benefits for the human body, because in her their is large amount of dietery fibers, so it's good for the people who has issue with their stomach. Quinoa is a great add for soups and salads. She can be use for preparing some sweets, but it's not very common.





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