Why the breakfast is most important?


  1. An important part of regular breakfast is that it speeds up your metabolism. The body during sleep slows down its degradation and build-up processes by ~ 30%, and when you get up in the morning and not breakfast your body may take a long time before returning to your normal metabolic rate. Why is this important? If you hurry your metabolism, you will burn fat faster and build your muscles faster because they are dependent on metabolic processes (anabolic and catabolic).
  2. If you have breakfast in the morning with a good portion of good food, you will be less irritable and hungry at lunch, and you are most likely not to jump like pizzles and snacks on your legs. Which will later result in your weight balance.
  3. Breakfast will help improve physical and mental performance at work and at school.
  4. At breakfast, you can eat high carbohydrate foods without worrying about weight gain, in most cases, as your body will use energy for daytime activities and will not accumulate it as excess fat, yet it does not mean a green light of any kind pastries and bars.
  5.  If you are a parent, give your child a good example and eat a good portion of carbohydrates every morning

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