Buckwheat box FAMILEX - 0.500 kg.


Buckwheat called "grain for millions." Buckwheat has a soft grain rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, which makes it a great product with high nutritional value. Buckwheat is used in various recipes. Added to dishes and soups, it will enrich your menu. Due to its neutral taste, combined with vegetables and cheese, making it a great addition to salads. Buckwheat easily achieved harmony with different spices - traditional or exotic.
Buckwheat FAMILEX comes in a box of 0500 kg.

Origin: EU
Information: 100 g. product contains 14% protein, sugar 2-2.5%, fat 3%, 1% fiber, vitamin A, B, E and PP, calcium iron, iodine, phosphorus, boron, zinc, magnesium, as well as limited acids ( citric and malic). Buckwheat is rich in amino acids and the lack of gluten makes it a suitable food diet.

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