Amaranth FAMILEX - 300g


Amaranth has countless health benefits for which must be included in the menu. He is among the food free of gluten- little cereal can boast of a similar quality. Excellent additive in soups, rice dishes. Gives residual aftertaste when added to salads.
Amaranth FAMILEX comes in packs of 300g

Origin: India
Information: As cereal Amaranth is characterized by particularly high nutritional value, depending on the variety the crude protein content in the seed varies from 12 to 18%. The seeds are extremely rich in lysine, as the balance of the remaining amino acids in them superior to most of the familiar cereals.
Tips: Amaranth, and a number of other cereals (buckwheat, quinoa, rice), boiled water in the ratio 1: 2.5 (3) and the time required to complete cooking is approximately 25 minutes.

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