Mix quinoa FAMILEX


Mix white and red quinoa FAMILEX is a combination of two varieties of quinoa. Red quinoa - there is a large reddish seeds, nutty flavor and a stronger flavor than regular quinoa. Red quinoa keeps its shape a little better than white after cooking, which makes it - suitable for cold salads. Regular (white) quinoa - there are small white or light tan seeds. It looks like a couscous but slightly crispy. This kind of mix of white and red quinoa combines characteristics of both types of quinoa and is a great addition to salads, garnishes and other dishes.
Mix quinoa FAMILEX comes in packs of 300g


Origin: Peru 
Information: Quinoa is suitable for serving as a garnish to various main dishes: 

  • Boiled and served with cottage cheese;
  • Can successfully replace rice in every meal;
  • With quinoa can be easily prepared bread, various salads, desserts and even soups;
  • Quinoa can be cooked low-alcoholic drinks flavored, highly reminiscent of that of beer.

Tips: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlig

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