Paste from red lentil and sundried tomatoes



1 cup Lentil "Exotic" Familex

100g Sundried tomatoes in oil with herbs Familex

100g black olives

100g walnuts

2 tbsp Sunflower oil Familex

2 tbsp Lemon juice Familex

1 garlic glove

Salt Familex by taste

Herbs by choice


  1. Cook the lentil according to the instructions on the package. Wait to cool down;
  2. In a dry pan bake the walnuts;
  3. In a kitchen robot blend the walnuts, tomatoes, olives (without their stone), garlic and oil;
  4. Add in the lentil and the herbs. Blend until smoothness;
  5. Before you serve pour a little a bit oil; 


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