12 advantages if you kids cooks with you



Some of you may think that to cook with your kids will take two times more, but we read those 12 advantages if you kids cook with you. Read more:

  1.  Kids, even babies loves to be with you in the kitchen. They are happy when they are close to you and you talk to them, so they can watch what are you doing and they bond with you.
  2. When babies look what are you doing the repeat the actions and emotions in their mind, even when they are sitting in their baby chair.
  3. When kids look the proces of making food for the family from raw food they feel proud that they contributed for the family dinner and they feel proud of themselfs. 
  4. Researches say that when kids help into the home work, from 3 years old, they are more likely to complete school or to have a good career.
  5. The kids has sensory memory and they can remember the potatoes that they cut, the blueberries that they add to that cake. When they grow they will connect those actions with you, when they were with you in the kitchen.
  6. Counting carrots and measuring the ingredients will learn the kids to count and they will learn easy the math when they are in class. 
  7. Sometimes reading to recipes can help kids to practise and perfect their reading.
  8. The atmosphere in the kitchen is more relaxed and chill compare to the tv and the computer. So the time spent in the kitchen helps the parents and their kids to have a little fun.
  9. Those kids who help in the kitchen acquire helpfull skills. 
  10. They take their help in the kitchen seriosly and they feel like adventurers.
  11. When you give a job to your kid like putting the table and serving, they feel apprecciated. Which makes them to feel good. 
  12. The preparation of food is something special. When we start to learn our kids to food culture they start to have healthy habits for their whole life.


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