4 easy ways to eat healthy


To live healthy includes to choose daily good foods, to train physically and mentally. You should avoid unhealthy habbits like bad diet and not enogh sleep. Here's how you can start your better way of life:

  1. Forget about junk foods - Choose food, which contains less quantity of bad fats. In them they are both kinds of fats: saturated and unsaturated fats. If you eat them you increase the bad cholesterol, which leads to heart desseas. Food that are made with trans fats are all sweets, fried foods and frozen pizza. 
  2. Eat healthy fats - You can find them in olive oil, nut butter (peanut, almond, tahini and others), fish, nuts, avocado and eggs.
  3. Eat whole wheat foods - they are full of easy easily digestible carbohydrates and low in sugar. In them are included all seeds- quinoa, buckwheat and others. Choose whole wheat/ whole grain bread, pasta and brown rice.
  4. Eat big amount of fruits and vegetables - Eat them regulary because of their high content of vitamins and minerals. The color of the shell of each fruit and vegetable is different and plays an important role in our choice - according to the color of a group of fruits or vegetables, you can find out much about their beneficial properties for the body. Consuming the widest possible palette, you ensure daily intake of the most beneficial ingredients - nutrients, fiber, vitamins and enzymes that you can get from fresh food. 

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