Christmas traditions around the world


In Italy, Christmas preparations also begin 4 weeks before Christmas. Christmas plains, fireworks, festive fires and music are heard from all the squares. Families walk around the Christmas bazaars where you can meet a candle lit and pray in front of the decorative crèches. 
Christmas in Australia is celebrated on December 25, as we do. The difference is that the Australians are the height of the summer vacation of the children. So, the warm season makes it possible for the celebrations to take place outdoors without people getting cold.
The most popular event that happens on Christmas holidays is called "candle songs". People come together at night in the square or around the cathedral with candles in their hands and sing Christmas songs. The stars shine over their heads. This splendid view makes the unique Christmas concert unforgettable. 
In Germany, they are preparing for the Christmas mood as early as December. Four Sundays before Christmas, the Germans begin to make Christmas wreaths hanging on their front doors. 
In France, children believe that the gifts are worn by Per Noel. So before they put their shoes in front of the fireplace, so their Santa can fill them with gifts. It is also believed that Per Noel hangs on the Christmas tree toys, fruits and nuts. 
Christmas celebrations in Spain start on December 13th. Then is the day of the world Lucia, the patron of light. 
In the morning of that day, the eldest daughter in the family dresses a long white dress before sunrise to honor the Queen of Light. The whole family decorates the Christmas tree one or two days before Christmas .. 
Mexico The 
Christmas markets in Mexico are called "puestos" pronounced "puestos"). Traditionally, many things can be bought - gifts, decorations and all kinds of delicacies. Mexicans decorate their homes with paper lanterns, cut out in various shapes where candles are placed.

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