Hawaiian Pizza - the begin


The history of Pizza Hawaii begins in the notorious 1962. Its creator is Sam Panopoulos, who is a Greek national who emigrated to Canada. Today, the classic American Hawaii pizza includes cheese, ham and pineapple: "I had a pineapple in the restaurant and put a few slices on the pizza I shared our innovative idea with some customers and they liked it, then we started to offer the standard pizza this way. he says. 
At the beginning of the year, in an interview with CBC, he recalled that at first nobody wanted to eat it and even started mocking him about the "idiotic combination." He took pineapple from cans called The Hawaiian, so he decided to baptize his recipe. 
"People put on the pizza only mushrooms, bacon and pepperoni and that's all," says Panopoulos. 
"You can have only pineapple, you can have bacon and pineapple, you can have mushrooms and pineapple, everything, just like today, you may have a choice," he says. 
Today Sam Panopoulos is not among us, but his contribution and revolutionary idea will remain forever in the food industry.

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