Non standart Christmas traditions


  1. On the eve of Christmas, Santa can also ride a sleigh traveled by eight reindeer, but at night he uses other ways of transport. He races a kangaroo in Australia, a canoe paddle in Hawaii , rides a horse in the Netherlands, travels with donkey in Switzerland and descends from the sky on a golden rope in the Czech Republic. 
  2. Ukrainians decorate their Christmas trees with artificial spiders and nets. A local legend says the spiders will wax a spider web around the Christmas tree that will turn silver in the morning. Finding a real spider in the morning on Christmas is considered a luck.
  3. In the nineteenth century, London entrepreneurs made the first artificial Christmas trees. The Germans followed them with green feathers of goose feathers. After all, in 1930 Addis Brush Company used the hair brush to create the popular version of the artificial Christmas tree. 
    The Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona annually organizes the Santa Clause and Machine Gun. It allows families to take a holiday photo not only with the good old man, but also with guns, grenade launchers and machine guns. 
  4. During the World Cup for Santa Claus, held in Samnaun, Switzerland, Santa Claus teams from all over the world compete against each other in climbing chimneys, snowballs, snowmobile, donkey trekking, and skiing.

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