Pasta sauce Familex


 Combine the right shape of pasta with the right sauce for her and in right proportion offcourse. Actualy the italians put very little sauce in their pasta, because they want to feel both- the flavor of the pasta and the sauce. So if you wanna enjoy the good flavored pasta - don't drown her in sauce. The rule says: If you use 100g pasta then you put 100g sauce. After the pasta is boiled you fried her a little bit with the sauce in the pan. In Italy there are 300 different kinds of pasta and every region has their own type of pasta and a recipe for her. There is the short pasta like penne which is best with small pieces of meat and vegetable sauce. The fettuccine and pappardelle are best with cream sauces. The bucatinis and cannellonies are perfect for the oven.

We choosed the 4 classic sauce kinds for pizza and pasta:

Tomatoe and basil


Olives and chilli

Baked peppers


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