Rice experiment


Today we will tell you a very interesting experiment that shows how our emotions affect our surrounding country. Several years ago, Japanese scientists have researched water memory. Various experiments have been conducted to try to prove that positive words, thoughts, music and attitudes can have a beneficial effect on the water, while the negative ones have the  effect of destroying its structure. 
Here's one of Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments: 
Three jars of cooked rice and boiled rice were needed for the experiment. The experiment was exactly 30 days.
Every day the first jar of rice was called "Thank you," the second jar of rice - "You're a fool," and the third one paid no attention. During the first week there was no change in any of the jars. At the end of the experiment, however, the result was very surprising. 
In the first jar of rice, which was spoken of with positive energy and warm feelings, the rice was still white, crystal clear visible through the transparent jar and whipped freshly. The second jar of rice, spoken with rage and angry feelings, the rice blackened, smelled terrible, and little white grains were barely visible. The third jar of rice, which was every day neglected and avoided, began to catch mold, a strong smell of flies.
This experiment leads the researchers to the conclusion that the worst damage is caused by the bad emotions and feelings we pass, especially if they are directed at children.

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