Rules for cooking pasta


✔️ Pour enough water in a big pan and set on high temperature;

✔️ When the water starts to boil add the pasta, pinch of salt and set on lower temperature, but if the water stop to boil increase the temperature;

✔️ Don't boil pasta under a cover, because the water will overflow. Just put wood spoon on top instead the cover, stir occasionally;

✔️ Never put pasta in a tray with NOT boiling water. This will ruin the consistency of the pasta and her taste;

✔️ It's not a good idea to boil two types of pasta together, because they have different cooking time;

✔️ When the pasta is soft you have to drain her. Pull out the pan from the heat and add 3 cups cold water to stop the boiling procces. Put some olive oil if you don't want glued pasta

✔️ Right after that pour the sauce over the pasta. If you let her to boil for a little bit in the sauce she will extremely juicy and delicious.

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