Tips for making a wonderful pasta


Today we will pay attention to the mistakes that are allowed in pasta cooking. ✳️
1. Do not forget that the water-paste ratio is 4l / 400g. Adding more paste will cause the paste to stick together. 
2. Do not use hot water when cooking pasta. When tapping water from the tap into the pot is desirable to be cold as it is cleaner than the hot water passing through the pipes. 
3. The water must boil and then the paste is added. If you add it in advance it will become sticky and boiled. 
4. Add the salt in the boiling process to get the paste flavor. 
5. If you do not constantly mix the paste, you risk sticking it to the bottom of the pan.
6. Do not wash the paste after it has been prepared. This will keep your taste when adding different sauces. 
7. When the paste is cooked, add as soon as possible the sauce prepared for it, because if you let it stand it will cling. 
* Useful tips: 
* When cooking the pasta, so that the water does not boil, place a wooden spoon on the pan. 
* To make the paste more delicious, add it to the almost finished sauce you prepare for it.

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