Honey is in its taste and nutritional value is one of the most valuable foods known since ancient times. Honey of FAMILEX gives a lot of energy, strength and endurance. Very good combined with nuts, walnuts are probably the most suitable for this combination. Honey is one of the most enduring food (unlimited durability). Keep in mainly in glass containers. Increasingly, honey is used to replace sugar in sweetened variety of hot drinks. Quite often a common information that should not be added to hot drinks because high tempetarura lose their nutritional value and form carcinogenic compounds such as HMF.
Honey FAMILEX comes in jars of 0.250, 0.400 and 0.900 kg.

Origin: Bulgaria
Information: Honey contains many elements and trace elements that are present in the most appropriate form for absorption by the body (aluminum, boron, iron, iodine, potassium, calcium, silicon, lithium, manganese, copper, magnesium, sodium, nickel, osmium, lead, sulfur, titanium, phosphorus, chlorine, chromium, zinc)
Tips: It instantly absorbs the smell of fish, cheese, sauerkraut. So consider whether to leave the jars of honey in the basement until winter supplies. In the refrigerator does too wet for him.
User attention! - Honey should be stored in metal containers because of the acids contained in nego.Prekite rays are detrimental to honey. After 48 hours of continuous sunlight enzymes in honey are destroyed.

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