Rice red and parboiled Boil in Bag


Try new products in the portfolio of FAMILEX Series Quick & Easy. 
The series includes seven varieties: 
Basmati rice, Parboiled rice, Thai rice, Jasmine rice, Wild rice and Thai, Red and Steamed Rice, Red quinoa and rice. 
Advantages of the technology Boil-in-Bag / "boil in the bag '/:


  • We are exactly dosed amount you need - 1 bag = 2 servings.
  • Selected rice without the need for cleaning.
  • Convenient slot for removing the bag.
  • Cool tip for catching bag.
  • Slot for easy opening.
  • Delicious rice is not sticky when boiled.
  • Basmati rice - 2 x 0.125 kg bags - pack of 2 pcs. boxes.

Products Series Quick & Easy are the perfect accompaniment to your dishes.

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