Bread pudding with caramel



500 g of cozonac

400g White crystalline sugar Familex

60ml of water

4 eggs,

600 g of fresh milk,

300 g of sour cream or chopped yogurt,

100 g of sugar and

a vanilla


for caramel:
1. Put the sugar and water in the pan, stir until the sugar melts. Cooking at an intermediate level When sugar begins to caramelize STOP to confuse. Turn the pan over the hotplate until you get a golden-brown syrup;

for the pudding pudding
1. Cut the kozunakka on slices, smear each with a little butter and jam and place them in a refractory baking pan.
2. Then, break the eggs with 100 g of sugar and mix them with slightly soaked cream and fresh milk.
3. Add the vanilla and pour the kozunaki. Spread with caramel and order a second order of cozonac.
4. Repeat the same actions and put in a preheated 170 degrees oven. Bake for about 50 minutes, allow to cool and refrigerate.
* Add ice cream ice cream when serving

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