6 eggs
  2 and 1 \ 2 hrs. Sugar Familex
  3 and 1 \ 2 hrs. Extra flour Familex
  1 hrs. water
  1 baler
  2-3 vanilla
  4-5 spoons of oil Familex
  1 again. cinnamon
  1 hrs. walnuts
  Powder Sugar Familex for sprinkling



Break the egg with sugar with a mixer, add the water, the oil, the vanilla, stir again, add the flour to the baking powder and stir again until a thick mixture is obtained, bubbles are obtained from the top of the mixture, then the mixture is ready for baking.

In a teacup, pour 1 cup of cinnamon and mix, stir well. We leave to the sides.

Then put the walnuts in the big mix, stir them. Grease a large form of cake with oil, sprinkle it with flour, pour half the mixture into the baking mold, put the mixture of cinnamon on top of the circle, put the rest so that it covers all the brown spots of cinnamon.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 °

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