Easter cake with rice stuffing


Required products:
for the dough:

250 g of Extra Famillex flour

100 g of cold oil

100 g of powdered sugar Famillex

50 ml of cream

1 piece. egg

1 tbsp baler

a pinch of Familex salt

for the stuffing:

750-800 ml of fresh milk

120 g of Rice Famillex

70-100 g of Familex sugar

100 g ground raw peeled almonds

50 g butter

3 pcs. eggs

1-2 pcs. vanilla

the grated bark of a lemon


1. For dough - flour mix with all products (egg pre-crushed) and quickly mix dough, best with a kitchen robot. Using a little flour, mix and crumble into a cake, wrap in a transparent foil and leave for 1 hour in cold.

2. For stuffing - milk is boiled, rice and vanilla are added. When it barks, it withdraws from the fire. Add butter, grated lemon peel and nuts. In addition, the broken yolks are added as well as the proteins, broken up with a pinch of salt in the snow.

3. Dough is rolled between two pieces of transparent foil to approximately 0.5 cm thick. Place it in a parchment-coated form (26 cm in diameter), 5-6 cm on the sides of the mold. If it is soaked, store it in the refrigerator for a while before putting the stuffing.

4. Push the fork several times, fill the stuffing and bake in a preheated 190 ° oven for about 40 minutes.

* Sweets are delicious both warm and cold. Sweets can also be made with semolina instead of rice.

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