Festive biscuit cake



250 g biscuits
175 g of cocoa biscuits
500 g "Mascarpone" cheese
250 g Rickata cheese
200 g Sugar Crystal FAMILEX
200 g of natural chocolate
200 ml of fresh milk
80 g butter butter
About Sabayon Sauce:
2 yolks
75 g powdered sugar FAMILEX
150 ml Amaretto
the juice and the bark of a lemon


1.Cleach the two types of cheese together with the sugar until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
2. Milk is heated in the casserole and chocolate melts in it. Add the oil and stir to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Remove the pan from the hot plate and let the chocolate cream cool for a short time.
3. Ordinary biscuits are placed in a plastic bag and crushed into large pieces using a wooden hammer.
4. On the bottom of the tray, next to each other, the cocoa biscuits are arranged. Half of the white cream is spread over them so that no air remains.
5. Coat with the rest of the white cream and finish with chocolate. Allow the cake to hold in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
6. The jars are broken into a water bath together with the sugar until a fluffy mixture is obtained. Gradually, the amaretto is added and it is not broken. Also put the lemon juice and lemon. Stir, take the container out of the fire and let the sauce cool down.
* In a suitable dish, pour a little of the sauce and top a piece of cake.

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